I went in to school today even though we’re still on winter break in order to do some cleaning and organizing.  It’s cathartic to sort through the piles of papers that always manage to build up no matter how organized I try to be.  Today, I found three true treasures.  All love notes of sorts–one from a girl to her father in prison, and two from boys to a girl in the class.  I’d say two are particularly poignant, two are particularly funny, one is particularly poetic, and all of them are heartfelt.  You can guess which ones are which.

“I love you because you ben nice to me and Ja__.”

“You have perrty eyes Your eyes shine like the moon”

“Happy Thanksgiveing Dad I no you is mad because you is in that place I hope you and me and your kids and mom will be together because we is a big family and I cat wiat to we get together again”

Maybe someone placed these treasures for me to find to guarantee that I’d return after three calm and breath-ful weeks?

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One Response to Treasures

  1. hannah says:

    a love note to you:

    I love you more than all the sweet potatoes and portobello mushrooms and kale (even though it is not in season)! I only wish you could be my second grade teacher.
    Have the most deep plum day!

    Your secret admirer

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