In my attempt to create a warm, compassionate classroom, and to show my kids that in fact they do care for and about each other even when they don’t realize it, we do “appreciations” in the last 5 minutes before dismissal.  Anybody can take a turn appreciating another person in the class for something he or she did throughout the day.  It’s lovely, but often full of a lot of, “I appreciate so and so for being my friend.”

Well, today, that kid, the one who keeps me up at night, the one who has made me cry countless times, the one who sometimes makes other students and me feel unsafe, the one who has incredible fits of rage, the one who….

Today, he raised his hand to start his appreciations and said, “I appreciate Mrs. A for helping me calm down.”

And I ended my day by feeling deep within why appreciating each other is so important.


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2 Responses to Appreciation

  1. Steven C says:

    Love it! Well-earned (and deserved)!

  2. HNR says:

    This is awesome! It’s really great to hear!

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