Today I felt like a terrible teacher because I quite simply could not convince my class that what I was trying to say was important enough for them to listen.  Summary: They would not stop talking!  This has got to be most understated frustration of teaching.  And yes, I know that they’re little and should be talkative.  But still!

Thankfully, I brought home some of my students’ writing to read, which has since caused me to laugh and forgive both them and myself for our rocky afternoon.

Here’s a highlight:

“Dear Alien, On earth we have animals that we eat like cows, chickens, lobsters, pigs, duck feets.  We also have humans that some of you hate.  I wonder what you have in your life.  We have books.  Books is with letters and pictures.  We have a book about is aliens are real.  Sincerely, H”

Is it bad that upon finishing our outer space unit, most of my students think that there are goofy-looking aliens on other planets?  I didn’t exactly tell them that there were, but I certainly left it open for discussion…


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One Response to Aliens?

  1. You are a good teacher for leaving this open for discussion, it allows them to learn how to think for themselves! Absolutely adorable post, thank you for sharing!

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