Good phone calls

Today was another -eh- kind of day.  Kid meanness.  Schedule changes.  No prep.  Kid tantrums.  I felt frustrated and tired and grumpy come 3:00.

This time, my antidote was good phone calls.  I called about 10 families–all who have wonderful children who were doing everything they should have been doing all day long, children who are consistently doing not just what they should be doing but also going above and beyond in their kindness and helpfulness, children who so often go under-appreciated.  I called these families and expressed specific appreciation for each of their kids.

It was a great antidote.  Firstly, it reminded me that the classroom was in fact not total chaos.  Secondly, it gave those kids a reason to smile and feel good about themselves after having to sit through having a grumpy teacher.  And thirdly, it let me hear the voices of happy and appreciative parents, who love getting great phone calls.

I still came home completely worn out, but able to smile because I know that I’ll have the privilege of teaching those kids again tomorrow.

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