Sick Day

Today I took my first sick day of my teaching career.  No, I wasn’t keeling over or on my way to the emergency room.  I’ve just had a bad cold bug for a few days.  On Tuesday, I slowly felt worse and worse as the clock ticked towards 3:00.  On Wednesday, I thought about staying home but decided to go to school mostly because I had two meetings with parents that I didn’t want to have to re-schedule.  And by the end of the Wednesday, my caring colleagues were encouraging me to just take a day.

It wasn’t easy to convince myself.  I know that my kids go absolutely bonkers when there’s a sub.  I know that they don’t treat each other or the classroom nearly as well when I’m not there.  I know that the amount of meaningful learning time with a sub is slim to none.  And then there’s the fact that I had planned to do this, that, and these all which would have to be pushed back until Monday and set me off schedule.  Etc, etc, etc.

But I did it.  Ordered a sub.  (My parents already made the joke: Was the sub turkey, roast beef, veggie?)  And it was definitely the right decision.  I wasn’t particularly productive today as I would have been in some fantasy world.  Mostly, I slept, drank a lot of tea, and dilly dallied.  But I did get a few things done, and I feel much better.

I heard from the first grade teacher next door that she heard lots and lots of noise from my room all day long.  Another first grade teacher told me that one of my kids admitted to her that they were, “really bad” today.  But oh well.  Tomorrow is a day off for kids, a professional development day for teachers.  So my students have three full days to forget about their wild substitute teacher adventure and come back fresh and ready for a new week Monday.

And probably thanks to the fact that I took today off, I’ll be fresh and ready for a new week too.

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