When I feel anxious, I feel it in my stomach and in my chest.  Everything feels tight and uncomfortable.  There’s a constant lump in my throat.  I become irritable.

That’s unfortunately how I’m feeling this weekend.  There is a student who has some really serious behavior challenges who is technically a 2nd grader but has been in a 1st grade classroom for most the year.  (The ins and outs of the situation are irrelevant.)  Now though, he’s returning to my class.

I am unprepared to meet his needs and to successfully bring him into my classroom culture.  I know that there will be awful, terrible explosions between him and another very challenging student in my class (mentioned in the post Dumbhead).  I know that he will scream a lot.  I know that any semblance of calm in my classroom will be shaken.  I know that I’ll lose lots of opportunities to teach my other 20 something students because I will be struggling to manage these two kids.

I don’t know how to do this job.  Well, I know something about how to do this job, but I certainly can’t do it alone.  I’m no superhero.  And right now, I feel like the world is expecting me to be one.

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One Response to Anxiety

  1. fourththing says:

    Hang in there! Judging by the way you’ve handled other challenges I think you’ll do great. And besides, you’re not a dumbhead. You’re a Givingandcaringandveryarticulatehead.

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