State tests

Here we go, two weeks of state tests for the 3rd-8th graders begins tomorrow.

My kids don’t take the tests (thank goodness!), but we are still impacted by them in endless ways:

  • We need to be extra super duper silent in the hallways (how to convey that successfully, I’m not sure)
  • Our whole schedule is inverted (so that the test-taking grade teachers still get their prep time)
  • The students cannot leave the classroom to go to gym, music, or art.  Those teachers will come to our classroom in the mornings.  (No chance to leave the classroom to move around = very sad, squirmy children)
  • There’s lots of stress in the air, which I need to make sure not to breathe in too deeply so that I don’t pass the stress along to my students

In short, I’m already looking forward to two weeks from now when we can all breathe a sigh of relief (and at that point we will also be very close to spring break!).

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One Response to State tests

  1. fourththing says:

    I remember kind of enjoying those weird test taking weeks when schedules were mixed around… And sort of looking forward to when I was older and got to see what those tests were all about. I bet your kids will like it too!

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