Fighting the countdown

There are 10 more weeks of school.  10 weeks.  It’s so easy and exciting to begin counting down until the incredible day in June on which I will be able to celebrate finishing this year.  There have been plenty of points since August at which I have seriously questioned whether or not I would make it to that monumental day, but now, with 10 weeks left, I can confidently say that of course I’ll make it!

Countdowns are dangerous though.  I can already feel the pull to just focus on getting through it, crossing off one day after the next, letting the clock tick on the wall while I move through the daily routines.  But there’s a giant problem with that.  10 weeks is a lot of time to learn, love, and grow.  10 weeks is a lot of time to start reading chapter books, to realize that if you can add small numbers then you can add big numbers, to become excited about inventions and simple machines, to become an inspired poet, to make a new friend.  10 weeks is still a lot of time.

It’s going to be a struggle to balance seeing June in the distance with the reality that there is still a 1/4 of the year to go.



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