On Sunday, when I was preparing for the week, I thought to myself, “Wow! This week will breeze right by, and I barely have to plan anything at all!  Isn’t that nice?”  That thought developed because, though Monday was a relatively typical day, Tuesday and onwards have been anything but typical.  Young authors writing, visiting theater artist, teaching literacy seminar (i.e. sub for the kids), field trip to a dance performance, and tomorrow is a professional development day that marks the end of the 3rd quarter.

Not much time in the classroom.  One might say not much teaching.  And yet, I am EXHAUSTED!  What I didn’t remember at the beginning of the week is that actually, I am decently adjusted to the regular day-to-day routines of 2nd grade.  Of course, I’m always tired at the end of a day, and even more so at the end of the week, but I know how to manage my own energy pretty well when the routines are predictable.

But when they’re not…not so much.  And the result is a very very tired me who wonders why I am so tired when I don’t feel like I’ve done anything!

Thank goodness next week will be more routine.  Except there is report card pick-up and parent teacher conferences on Wednesday…

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One Response to Routine??

  1. fourththing says:

    Sorry to see Willfully Zen didn’t make it into your routine… come back!!! I miss your writing.

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