Today, we played “Double Compare.”  This is essentially the good old fashioned card game of War [which the powers at be think you shouldn’t call War while in school], except that in this game each player puts down two cards at a time and the greater sum takes all.  Because this was our first time playing the game, we played as a whole group.  Pairs of kids took turns coming to the middle of the circle, each choosing two jumbo cards out of the deck and calculating the sum.  The winner of the pair took all four cards back to their spot at the edge of the carpet

A few rounds in, Mia and Aubrey sit face-to-face.  They each pick two cards.  Mia has a 7 and a 9.  Aubrey has a 7 and an 8.  Mia announces she has 16.  Aubrey says she has 25.  Without question, Mia hands her cards to Aubrey and begins to move out of the circle.

“That’s not right!” calls a number-savy 1st grader.  “She didn’t have 25!”

With a bit of cajoling, Aubrey agrees to a recount.  This time, she announces she has 15.

“So who should get the cards?” I ask.

“Me!” exclaims Mia.

“Aubrey, do you agree?”

“No! I disagree!”

“Why do you disagree Aubrey?”

“I disagree because I should get the cards!” [Aubrey makes exasperated pouty face.]

“Aubrey, what is larger, 15 or 16?”

“It doesn’t matter! I just disagree!”

Oh how game playing teaches so many skills beyond those described in a teacher’s manual.

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One Response to Disagree?

  1. ck says:

    Yes, kids are just kids.

    Aside from that, in this kind of situation, before the recount you may ask Audrey whether she thinks it is possible for the sum to be 25 when there are only 2 cards and each one is less than 10 (this i assume).

    This may help her to start thinking of numbers as quantity, not just sequence. Numbers has different metaphorical meanings. Some people naturally think of numbers as quantity and will count or do math differently. Others may need some hints to think differently.

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