It just takes one moment

A lot of today was bleh.  At least 4 real temper tantrums.  Lots of petty arguing.  Grumpy kids and a grumpy teacher.  It was a chicken vs egg situation: I couldn’t help my kids de-grump because I was grumpy.  I was grumpy because they were grumpy.


All it takes is one moment to make the whole day remembered as much better than most of it actually was.

During writing, I sat with one of my youngest kindergarteners who typically scribbles in writing.  At most, she draws shapes on the lines.  I knew though that she does in fact know her alphabet and sounds, so I wanted to push her to make use of her own knowledge.  I encouraged her to stretch out words, listen for sounds, and write down what she heard.  I enthusiastically high fived her over and over again as she wrote letters on her paper.

At our closing circle at the end of the day she shared, “I didn’t know I could write words until today!”

And wa-laa!  Like magic, the grumpiness of the day didn’t matter so much anymore [though I still hope for fewer tantrums tomorrow].

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