Second year of teaching, second winter break.  Last year at this time I felt like I had made it to a flat ledge on a very steep mountain.  Worth celebrating for sure, but I needed most of the vacation to catch my breath from the elevation change and prepare for the rest of the hike up.  This year, my mountain is a few degrees less steep, and I think that I’ll be able to use this break for purposes beyond breathing–namely, idea-breeding.

While teaching, it is so difficult to move beyond maintaining the day-to-day.  I’ve developed habits, routines, and structures that keep me moving from Monday to Tuesday to Wednesday with less stress and more confidence, but finding the time to be creative and meaningful in new ways?  Not so much.

But now, oh the glory of no pressure to plan for tomorrow.  I can dream about bug units that explore what it means to be alive and building Rube Goldberg machines that uncover the delights of basic physics.  Leo Lioni author study?  Definitely.  Reteaching a previously taught farm to table unit and doing it better this time around?  I wonder what farms are nearby… Blog-reading, resource-collecting, and lesson-planning.  Brain-storming, excitement-nurturing, and idea-breeding.  Three cheers for two delightful weeks!

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