A few days ago, I was chatting with a teacher friend while making my school-is-starting-soon-have-to-make-a-to-do-list to-do list.  I asked, “When in our teaching career will we feel like we did such an awesome job in the first half of the year that we don’t need to change everything over winter break?”

We both laughed at the absurdity of such a thing ever happening, while not-so-secretly wishing that this was the year.  The thought of actually closing the door on December 20-something, and coming back with everything magically ready-to-go in early January is fantastic.

Fantastic 1) imaginative or fanciful; remote from reality. ORIGIN late Middle English, in the sense [existing only in the imagination, unreal]

2) It will never happen.

Thankfully, I do get a bit of a thrill out of classroom changes and new ideas.  It’s exciting to try something and assess its impact.  I like keeping everyone on their little toes.  I’m not sure that said thrill is stronger than my desire to sit on the futon and read a novel all day, but maybe telling myself that it is helps a little?

When we returned from break last year, one of my students reported that her and her mother had “kept trying to see Beyonce have a baby.” (  I wonder if any of my students this year can beat that winter break excitement.  I’ll keep you posted.

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