One of my favorite tasks is comparing student work from the beginning of the year to their work at the end.  Today was a teacher work day, which meant I had the day to clean, sort, organize, prepare, and compare.  Such a blessing.  Near the end of the day, at the bottom of the pile, I found my students’ writing from day 5 of school about their hopes and dreams for the year.

Almost none of my Kindergarteners knew how to write…letters…at all.

Most of my first graders could bumble through a sentence or a fragment of a sentence, but with very little conventional spelling and structure.

Yesterday my students wrote learning goals and plans for themselves for next year.  Every single student, the Kindergarteners and the 1st graders, completed the task independently.  With two exceptions, their ideas are totally legible.  A good chunk of the 1st graders are properly using capitalization and punctuation.

My kids can express themselves in writing.  It’s awesome.

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