On and off

When it comes to thinking about and planning for next year during this lovely period of summer vacation, I seem to function like a light switch.  There are two options.



By that I mean this: Yesterday, I sat down and got a ton done.  I sketched out the entire year in 6-week blocks, thinking about big questions, big goals, and connections within each academic discipline.  I looked back through state standards and official curricula and aligned them with the blocks as well.  I brainstormed specific activities, potential visitors, and feasible field trips.  I was on.

But once I closed Microsoft Word for the night and set my school books aside, the feeling of being accomplished took over.  Now it is as if, at least temporarily, there is literally nothing else I can possibly do to be productive.  What’s next on the to-do list?  Who knows?!  How can I ever beat yesterday’s productivity?  I can’t.  Therefore, there’s no reason to even try.  I can’t bear the thought of planning anything else.  I am off.

I don’t seem to have one of those more modern transitional light switches that let you pick exactly how bright you want the bulbs to shine.  In fact, I’m not even sure how to control my simple on-off switch.  So, I’ll take the on moments I can get and relish in the off.

Cheers to summer!

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