Yesterday, I went out for brunch with two colleagues.  We ordered omelets, sat down, and began to vent.  It was inevitable.  Work has been intense lately, and all of the staff have been on edge.  Distanced from school and in the safety of a cozy cafe, we shared one story after another of frustration and irritation.

Yes, we were negative.  I know I’m supposed to avoid overly negative conversations.  I know negativity doesn’t make things better.  But it happened.

And we didn’t stay negative.  Not entirely at least.  As the afternoon passed, we refilled our coffee cups and began to laugh.  Grumbly stories mixed with hilarious ones.  Complicated situations became less sticky.  We talked about sweet moments.  We praised each other for the way each of us handles work and solves problems.  We made plans to have brunch again and to include more teachers next time.

Three hours later, I left in such a good mood.  I left feeling connected to the people with whom I work.  I left with a sense of camaraderie.  I practically skipped back home.

I needed the opportunity to moan and complain.  I really did.  All three of us did.  And we needed to moan and complain with each other so that each of us knew that it wasn’t just us.  And since we didn’t stay in that negative place, our time together was well spent.

So well spent.  I look forward to next time.

P.S. Thanksgiving is so close!  Hurrah for a couple of days off!

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