Thirty-six new stunts this week?

I went to a great early childhood literacy conference on Saturday.  As is typical of me, I got all fired up from hearing excited, passionate, and smart people speak their minds.  By the end of the day I had a lot of scattered notes and ideas.  I went home, paced the apartment in my post-conference high, and decided right then and there that I would implement thirty-six new things into my classroom this week.

Then I drifted back to the ground, and I remembered that I can’t do that.  Even superwoman doesn’t try thirty-six new stunts in one week.

But how do I prioritize?

It’s really hard.  It’s really hard to hear a lot of ideas that I know would make my classroom better, and then wait to implement them slowly.  It’s really hard because if I’m implementing the changes slowly, then things aren’t improving right away.  And of course, I want things to improve right away.  Tomorrow would be ideal.

With patience, I can implement a few new ideas one at a time throughout the rest of this year.  A few.  But for my own sanity and that of my kids, I need to respect the systems and routines that we have currently.  We all rely on them. If I want to return to the drawing board with a truly clean sheet of paper and a perfectly sharpened pencil, then I’ll have to wait until next August.  But right now, next August feels very far away.

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